Giving. Miracles. Harvest.

It's time for jubilee.

In 2023, we are believing that God will bring a revival—a way in the desert—a time of liberty, freedom, and restoration for the Pentecostals of Wisconsin and Victory Christian Academy!

What we're Believing For

Jubilee Giving, Harvest, and Miracles

We believe God will release apostolic giving and financial favor for Kingdom expansion.We believe God will release spiritual gifts, miracles, signs, and wonders in our church, our homes, and our community.And we believe God will release the captives at VCA and our community!

Luke 4:18-19

The Spirit of the Lord is upon share the message of Jubilee...

Constance's Testimony

God reduced my school loans by $40k!

He has shown me how much He loves and cares for me and I am so thankful!

The Fracassi's Testimony

God provided our entire pledge with a single check!

We had no idea how we would pay our pledge—but God did. Thank you Jesus!

Your Testimony

What God did...

We want to hear from you—How is God bringing Jubilee to your life?

Your Testimony

What God Did...

We want to hear from you—How is God bringing Jubilee to your life?


What is God doing in your jubilee year?

Enter your info and a summary of your testimony below. We can't wait to hear what God is doing in your life during Jubilee 2023!Note: By clicking "Testify" below, you consent to have your testimony shared publicly at the discretion of the POW Leadership Team.

From the POW leadership team

Thank you!

We look forward to sharing what God has done!If you have giving or prayer questions, please contact [email protected]If you are looking for additional help regarding your pledge, contact [email protected].